The most famous Marilyn Monroe art creation is ‘A Shot of Marilyn Monroe‘ by Andy Warhol. Warhol’s masterpiece, as seen above, comes in two halves like a Greek ‘Diffticon’ (2 slates). By doing this Warhol actually makes her a Maria, a religious icon. He portrays her as the saint of his time (the 1960s) and as a saint she naturally deserves a Diffticon. She is the new-age Madonna.

St Mary is always represented as a whole, physically at her best, but in Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe¬† art work , Marilyn looks phsically imperfect and disoriented. You cannot find precision in her portraits. They look instead like Marilyn Monroe masks. Therefore the treatment that these ‘masks’ get is minimal and there is little attempt to fix or make the result more beautiful. It’s almost like Warhol doesn’t give Marilyn any attention.

On the right side of the Diffticton-style Marilyn Monroe art work, Warhol makes her colourless, blurry and almost erases her. This reflects her tragic life story. Warhol takes away from her the sacredness that was given in the beginning, just like in her real life. The duplication of her face represents our lack of knowledge of Marilyn’s real personality. The audience, the public, only knew her from the film and media industry and so they didn’t know the real Marilyn, just her media-duplicated portrait. She is portrayed in Warhol’s pop art painting just like a manufactured product and just like on a factory belt – there are sometimes mishaps that occur on the belt – there are imperfections on the print.You could say that he represents her as a defected product, which the industry just keeps on duplicating and duplicating untill she is completely gone.

The Marilyn Monroe Art creation was made the same year that Monroe died and her tragic life story was revealed to the masses. The movie industry only represented glamour and not reality. At first, when ‘A shot of Marilyn Monroe‘ was created, reviewers thought that Warhol had put Monroe on a pedestal before later realising that this was a pop art painting that ironically criticised the emerging consumerist society.

Marilyn Monroe art all throughout the world has since been influenced by Warhol’s original print.

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