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                   Classic Marilyn - On Sale Now!

Marilyn 'Make Believe' - On Sale Now!       Marilyn, Rose - On Sale Now!       A Close Up of Marilyn - On Sale Now!

And if you love Marilyn, then I’m guessing you’ll also love these other iconic pop art portraits…

Morrisey, Early Days - On Sale Now!       My Fair Lady - On Sale Now!       Ella Fitzgerald, Queen of Jazz - On Sale Now!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre - On Sale Now!       Bob Marley, Gold - On Sale Now!       Jimi Hendrix, Psychadelic

Welcome to Marilyn Monroe Art! I’m Konrad, a popart artist based here in London, UK. As you look through my site all the artwork you’ll see is original and handpainted in acrylics on canvas, ready for your wall.

This gallery is dedicated to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Doesn’t her iconic image always give you a smile? I’ve tried to capture her essence in every painting. I also create pop art portraits of any film icon, music star, sports hero or of your loved ones. Most of my pop art has been commissioned online by people just like you. It’s been really popular for bringing style to people’s homes, cafe’s and restaurants. And wouldn’t it be an amazing gift for someone you love?

As you check out my brand new Marilyn Monroe art ask yourself this question - if you could have a pop art painting of anyone placed up on your livingroom wall, who would it be? Snap up my one-off art creations TODAY before someone else does – or contact me now for a quote, to ask any questons or just for a chat … I’m friendly!